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VOXNEON is a four-piece cover band from Sydney, Australia, performing authentic versions of new wave & alternative synth pop anthems originally recorded by the pioneering artists of the early 80's. With vintage synths, live drums & guitars they recreate the signature sounds, arpeggiated basslines, soaring keytar solos and dramatic vocals of the era. Their performances are polished and compelling, paying total respect to the original artists and filling dance floors at sell-out shows. The live show incorporates custom video & DMX lighting for a unique & immersive 80s Synth/New Wave experience.
Drums, Percussion, BV, Video & Stage Lighting
Shaun started drumming in High School where he played with Andrew Farriss and Michael Hutchence (who went on to form INXS). At University in the 80's, Shaun played in new wave band 'Judgement of Paris' but abandoned his seat behind the kit to embrace the emerging alternative New Romantic club scene. He developed a love of the genre, designing & making clothes among other things. Forty years later, Shaun embarked on a new project to bring together like minded musicians in a bid to recreate the iconic sounds of the era. He dusted off the stix, bought a new kit and the seed for VOXNEON was sewn.
Synths, Keytar, BV, Programming, Live PA
Nick’s love of all things synth started in his mid-teens. Influenced by iconic bands of the era like Kraftwerk, Devo, Human League, Depeche Mode & Pseudo Echo, Nick's first purchase was a Sequential Pro-One. Augmented by a Roland TR808 & Jupiter 6, synths became a life-long passion. Nick has performed in numerous bands but his dream of recreating 80’s synth anthems was realized when he was contacted by Shaun via BandMix in mid 2019. This kindled the beginnings of what was to be VOXNEON and they started scouring the local scene to find other like-minded musicians who could help turn dreams into reality.
Synths, Bass, Guitar, BV, Programming, Production
Growing up in Bristol (UK), John's passion for music was sparked by Tubeway Army hit Are Friends Electric? There was a piano in the house, so keyboards seemed the obvious choice with his first purchase, at 18, being a MkIII ARP Odyssey (as used by Billy Currie). John played in a couple of Bristol bands throughout his 20s, writing & performing original material, before taking a break due to family & work commitments. John moved to Australia in 2009 and was approached by Shaun and Nick in late 2019. Meeting at a local cafe, the rapport was immediate & John started working on VOXNEON material that very afternoon.
Lead Vocals, Guitar, Synth, Marketing & Promo
Lead singer Scott realised his passion for live music while living in Dallas, Texas in the '90’s where he performed at open mic nights. After returning to Sydney, he played with various acoustic and rock outfits “…I played with a lot of bands but when I heard VOXNEON were putting electronic synths at the center of everything, I had to be a part of it.” After providing an amazing demo the band knew they had found their front man & Scott joined the ranks. “VOXNEON delivers on its promise of authentic 80’s synth rock. Audiences love it, there’s a powerful energy at our shows that everyone connects with. I love being immersed in it.”
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